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Caleb Leng, (Divisional Lead Generation Coach & Digital Marketing Consultant)
Hey Caleb Leng here - Founder of The Real Estate Coach Singapore and Division Lead Generation Coach... Read to the end and get 6 highest converting real estate websites for FREE. God bless!

From Rainy Toa Payoh, Caleb 
Date: Thursday, Apr 02, 2019
I’m sure you’ve seen top producers every month, platinum achievers who earn 6-7 figure income consistently and you’re asking yourself...
Yesterday's Techniques Don't Bring In Tomorrow's SalesIt's All Begins With Lead Generation Funnels
Well... it's an open secret, go where people are (online), engage the on the media that they are using everyday, eliminate marketing with no R.O.I, delegate non-money making activities, automate online lead generation and follow up using marketing automation that lets agents design, develop and launch end-to-end lead generation funnels with ease. 

Real estate & insurance agents for years have been struggling with setting up old outdated websites which sit there idle waiting for their customers to come see; struggling to generate traffic, let alone sales. Meanwhile, a select handful of digital agents have caught up with the times and have realised that a agents and entrepreneurs needs more than a website. A business needs a high converting lead generation funnel which can bring potential buyers to a page on demand, take them through a series of steps to overcome objections and and sell the prospect on the products.

Don’t believe me?

Aspiring agents all the way through to platinum achievers are taking advantage of online lead generation funnels each and every single day…

Take a look at some of the recent results funnel users have had with their funnels and incredible step-by-step support they were able to take advantage of…
Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Marketing?
You've been in this business for some time now and the referrals doesn't seem to add up. You give up weekends with your loved ones to station at showrooms, wait aimlessly for prospects who are there for free food and giveaways! You go back home totally exhausted with nothing to prove, no closed sales for the day.
Are You Purely Relying On Property Portals And Losing To Other Agents?
Does this sound familiar?
You post onto the various property portals, hoping for agents and prospects to call you but it's silent. You continuously buy credits to boost your post, engage apps to do auto reposting, only to find your listing completely gets replaced by your competitors listings. All your hard marketing work goes down to waste with totally no way to track your ROI and no way to take control of the entire marketing process. 

When they do call, you have to continuously follow up with the and struggle to keep it consistent!
Does This Sound Familiar?
You know someone who drives Grab or Gojek to make ends meet (nothing wrong with that) but that wasn't the reason you started your career isn't it?  With the new ABSD property cooling measures by the government, buyers suddenly become so much lesser. You're on the verge of getting sued for PDPA or worst still, already been there...
With Lead Generation Funnels, You Be Able To Consistently Pull In Qualified Leads Almost Immediately
Done right, you can expect to attract your DREAM clients who are keen to do business with you, look to you as their go to advisor with little resistance to your fees!

You see, the old rules don't work anymore, pure patience, persistence  and hardwork don't work anymore! Agents need to work smart and implement what has already proven to work!

How Much Is It Worth To...
  •  Generate leads consistently every week!
  •  Get prospects reaching out to you in the comfort of your home
  •  Achieve immediate credibility and recognition as the expert in property and insurance?
  •  Spend quality time with your family everyday
  •  Predict with complete certainty which of your customers will make a purchase
  •  Generate automatic, qualified buyers approaching you nonstop regardless of the economy
No More Door Knocking, Cold Calling, Street Canvasing & Wasting Precious Dollars On Advertising That Don't Work
Free agent lead generation bootcamp for Propnex, ERA, Knight Frank, SRI, Orange Tee and Savills
How Are They Seeing Such Incredible Results?
(Screenshot of online lead generation by Rachel)
Janice Wong Yan Sui (Agent Marketing Consultant , Facebook Group Message)
Another reason I personally love funnels.

Being able to knock up a quick leads funnel for new launches, products and see these leads results in less than 48hrs!

Every business & agents needs this!
Marketing Funnels Is The Key To Growing Your Income
Marketing Funnels Is the key to growing your business, ANY business!
We Are Here To Help!
Here's Six Funnels That We're Giving Agents FREE:
(Set Up In Minutes, No Coding Required, Start Getting Leads Today!)
Caleb Leng
Founder, Digital Marketing Singapore, 
The Real Estate Coach (TREC), 
Division Lead Generation Coach
Our team is on a crazy mission to empower 10,000 CEA registered agents regain family time with marketing automation by 2021 (Psalms 23 | Latter Rain)
Want To See The Funnels First?
The Real Estate Coach (TREC) Singapore helps agents just like you generate leads for a variety of properties and Products. We have put together a free collection of funnels for you that you can import into your Clickfunnels account - Absolutely FREE!
Bonus: we are including the email auto-responder sequence!
 How Do I use these Funnels?
We will send you an email with a link to setup your own ClickFunnels account (you get a two-week free trial if you use our link) and the links to copy over all of the files necessary for the free funnels! 

You will setup your ClickFunnels account, then click the links in the email one at a time to copy them all over. If you need help, email and we'll help you get un-stuck.
 Why are these funnels free?
We get credit from ClickFunnels if you start a new account with our link, and we believe once you see how well our funnels work to generate leads you'll consider hiring our team for future work. 
(Set Up In Minutes, No Coding Required, Start Getting Leads Today!)
Set Up In Minutes, No Coding Required, Start Getting Leads Today!
One of the biggest assets of doing lead generation with funnels is the infamous “share funnel” feature which allows you to very easily duplicate an entire lead generation funnel into your account from our account.

The value on all these share funnels is simply priceless. What’s more? We’ll be updating this post quite regularly as they come up throughout the Facebook group and other agent community

So what are you waiting for? Start claiming all the free share funnels below into your account!
(Set Up In Minutes, No Coding Required, Start Getting Leads Today!)
Start getting more leads, more appointments, more sales and more referrals today! 
 Buyer Funnel
This is our most popular funnel. We use this funnel to generate leads for buyers all across the nation... and it's yours for free!

 Seller's Funnel
Prospects that fill out this funnel give you enough information to close the deal! When you drive traffic to this funnel, it converts! 

 Single Property Funnel
Simple. Beautiful. Effective. This funnel to drive home insurance leads gives you the information you need to get the prospect a basic quote on their home insurance.

 New Launch Property Funnel 
This funnel is clean, minimal and designed to get the prospect to give you enough information so that you can setup a phone appointment for Sellers.

 Free Home Valuation Funnel 
SRX uses it to generate thousands of leads! This is our most popular funnel. We use this funnel to generate leads for buyers all across the nation... and it's yours for free!

 Condominium Buyer Funnel 
Probably the most sough after funnel, agents use this funnel to generate condominium buyers across the nation... and it's yours for free!
(Set Up In Minutes, No Coding Required, Start Getting Leads Today!)

What If I Don't Know Anything About Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing with funnels is the future of digital marketing or should I say present!

Our oldest agent is 69 years old with zero experience, who started implementing funnels in a few hours, drag-and-drop. Yesterday's sales techniques no longer bring in tomorrow's sales. We've also included step-by-step video tutorials between 4 to 18 minutes which will show you how it's done!
More Inspirations
"All the advice & suggestion given was so useful!"
- Jesslyn Chin, Associate Group Director Propnex
Ai Tee (Agent, Facebook Group Message)

I used to do cold calling and flyers distributing, it's painful to see them being thrown away right infront of the letter box.

I was afraid that marketing funnels was hard to pick up for someone with only O'level education, I'm g
etting 60% email opt in rate with lead generation funnels


My first time using Cliclfunnels for a lead generation sign up so I was feeling nervous but glad I switched over to CF. Thank you for the free funnels Caleb!
Wong Family, Singapore (ClickFunnels Customers, ClickFunnels)

Using Funnel Scripts and The Perfect Webinar, and everything we learned from Caleb and all of the coaches, in two more weeks we are going to be debt free, and I just wanted to say you guys are truly changing lives.
Muhammed Zukifli, Single dad. 
I went into real estate for financial and time freedom! I wanted more time with my family, be there for my kids for their important milestones, there is no one else who will help me achieve this other than myself! Thank you Caleb for introducing marketing funnels with me even when I have zero marketing experience!
(Just inducted into the 2 Comma Club for funnels which have made over $1,000,000+)
Digital marketing coffee talk with a team of amazing agents led by Lawrence from Huttons
(Lead Gen Boot Camp March 2019)
(Set Up In Minutes, No Coding Required, Start Getting Leads Today!)

"Great Coaching Session!"

[AGENT LEAD GEN BOOT CAMP] Had a great coaching session with Caleb today! Had A Great Time, Identifying Several Lead Magnet Ideas, Interest Targeting And Ads Optimisation techniques! Really Genuine Guy! Thanks for your Warm Hospitality!
Jayson Ang, Propnex

"Powerful Sharing"

 Thank you Caleb on your powerful sharing!
Edwin Low, Huttons


 Genuine in giving before receiving. An in-depth & no-secrets-kept sharing & discussion session. Kudos to Caleb! 
The blessing is ours to know you thru our equally selfless leader & I’m sure this is the beginning of a strongly forged partnership & friendship. Cheers! #Psalm23
Nicole Khor, Huttons

"Great Session Of Learning"

 Great session of learning and sharing by Caleb! Thanks for taking the time to explain to noobs like me! Cheers!!!!
Isaiah Adrian Ang, Huttons

"Caleb is for real! "

Attended yesterday's Agent Lead Gen Boot Camp. What I can say is Caleb is for real. What he shared makes so much sense and I believe will work. He is working on integrating the lead funnel and auto-responder to my own domain and by tomorrow I should be able to start working on my lead generation and looking forward to getting genuine leads. Thanks so much Caleb.-
Vince Siew  Marketing Director, Orange Tee

"You Are Amazing!"

💯 to Caleb! Thank you so much for giving us the honour to learn from you! For sharing with us on value marketing! You are amazing! 
Lawrence See, District Director, Huttons

"You Have Been Most Helpful!"

Thanks Caleb Leng for your valuable inputs and patience in answering my endless questions! 😅 You have been most helpful! I am also not surprised why you are so successful! Cheers!
Yen Yen, Senior Marketing Director, Huttons

"Walk me thru the entire set up!"

Wow!!! I still can’t believe that Caleb actually spent almost 4 hours of his precious time to walk me thru the entire set up of my lead generation funnel with automated follow up......all for a cup of coffee! 

For the kind of work that he has done for me, others had quoted thousands of $.....

This guy rocks! 

Thank you Caleb!
Vinx Chan, ERA
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